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Holiday Deadlines

Thanksgiving Deadline: -- All of our customers must have their order submitted and confirmed to process by 10/15 otherwise you will have to do one of our rush shipping options.  Rush cut off dates need to be in before 11/5.

Christmas Deadline: -- All of our customers must have their order submitted and confirmed to process by 11/16 otherwise you will have to do one of our rush shipping options.  Rush cut off dates need to be in before 12/3.

Keep your table from getting spilled on, scratched or even damaged from heat with our custom table pads.  All of our table pads are custom made to order.  What ever size or shape table you have, we can get your table pad to fit perfect.  We specialize in kitchen and dining table pads, buffet table pads, server pads, coffee table pads.  We can make the table pads as big as you need from business or executive conference table pads to as small as making custom place-mat pads. 

Our table covers feature a heavy-duty, washable leatherette top surface that is spill proof. You get any choice of table pad colors that you like.  We have a wide variety from our wood grains, leather-tones or solids. You also get a color choice on our soft Duravel bottom. The table protectors fold in half for easy handling and storage. The table protectors consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is basically unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving storage space. All of our table covers are a 1/2" thick and include magnalocks if needed.  All of our table pads have a lifetime warranty and can protect your table up to 550 degrees (** see heat protection details at the bottom of the page**)

Why order Custom table pads?

Custom table pads have been around close to 100 years. It is one of the few items made today that has the same workmanship quality as was offered 50 or more years ago. Most of them made in that era are still functional today. As a matter of fact, they often outlive the table itself.

As long as fine tables are being made, there will always be a need for custom table pads. You do not need to be reminded about how expensive it is to repair and refinish your table top. With our Custom fitting table pads, your table will be protected from spills, heat or scratches.

How we prevent your table protector from sliding

  All of our table protectors just lay on top of your table. To keep your table nice and clean, they do not bond, stick or bolt to your table.  Our custom table pads rely on the good weight of materials that we use.  All of our pads also feature our patented magnetic locking system (MagnaLocs ™).  If your table pad come in more than one section, then it will include our Magnalocks.  The Magnalocs are strong strips of magnets made inside the table pads, where the sections join together. You do not see them, you do not have to do anything, just slide the table protector sections together and they will suck to each other and stick, making a nice, spill proof seal. They also keep smaller leaves from separating and sliding while laying on the table.

Start using a table protector for your dining, kitchen table right away. Do not go through the hassle of having to call in to get information or prices and have sales people try to talk you into spending more money. You can order the pads 24/7 at the convenience of your own home. If you would prefer to speak with a real person, you are more than welcome to call our fully knowledgeable, non-commissioned staff.  Call us Toll Free: 800-350-9419

Order your CUSTOM TABLE PADS online now with our super fast order form! 2 Easy steps to get started:

1. Measure the top flat poriton of your table. (no side moldings or beveled edges, as we can only make the pads flat)  Also determine the shape of your table. If it has a custom shape, try to find the make and model number and email or call us and we can see if we have your pattern in our database. 

2. Choose the top color you would like to have for your pads to start the order process.


**The 550° heat protection is for accidents only.  All of our custom table pads have a vinyl material on top that will melt if it gets too hot, so you can not put anything hot directly on the table pad surface. You still need to use trivets, pot holders etc.  The 550° heat protection is for if you do have an accident (candle spills over etc)  The table pad will burn/get damaged, but the pads will protect your table from being harmed. 


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