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Hiding Light Scratches

One of the best way's I have found is using a padding lacquer. It really works well on household woodwork as well as furniture when you get a light colored scratch in the finish. You will need a soft cloth. Fold the corners until you can make a tight ball out of the center. Apply the padding lacquer to the pad and tap it into the palm of your hand. (Gloves come in handy here). This will spread it through the pad. Lightly pad in the direction of the grain like it is an airplane coming in for a landing then taking off again. Don't over pad or come to a stopped landing. Let it dry for a couple minute's and reapply if needed until the scratch is melted back in. Usually one swipe is all it takes. This will leave a high gloss finish if you keep padding, so you may have to pad the whole surface to make it all look the same.

Another way of removing light scratches is rubbing the out with polishing compounds, or Buffers Polishes. These are best used on high gloss sheens.

If your table has a satin or dull sheen, grab a pad of OOOO Steel wool and some lemon oil or wool lube . Put some on the pad and rub the spot moving in the direction of the grain. This only works on minor scratches, and you may need to rub the rest of the surface so the sheen is even. Make sure you go with the grain in long even strokes from one end to the other. To finish the task, simply wipe off the remaining oil and apply your favorite polish.

If you need to add color to the scratch, Touch up markers and fill sticks come in real handy.

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