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Buying upholstered sofas, love seats, and chairs

When buying upholstered chairs, love seats, and sofas, there are a few things to consider.

There are two types of frames, the cheaper plywood frame and the better hardwood frame. The cheaper frame is more prone to loosing a spring if someone sits down to hard or you have kids that like to jump. If that happens, fixing it could cost you. The hardwood frame won't do you any good unless it is put together with dowel joints.

Stay away from upholstered recliners that have the foot rest that pops out. I have yet to see one that is worth buying. Even worse is the sofa with the recliner built into it.

As for the fabrics, the cottons won't last near as long as the synthetics. A good heavy tapestry will wear like iron.

Make sure you ask a lot of questions. What is the warranty? Do they deliver? Can it be upgraded with a better fabric or legs? Make sure you shop around.

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