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Discounted Leaves & Accessories

If you order extension leaves with your table pad, each leaf will be discounted to $34.99 (up to 24 by 48 inches - 3.00 per inch over width and/or length and also must be same width as your table pad)  If you have leaves but maybe you do not use that that much and are thinking of ordering them later, your best bet is to order them now. You never know if you plan on moving, selling the table or plan on doing something different with the table.  Now is the time to order a complete versitle set.  The leaves will be discounted for you, as opposed to 64.99+ in the future.  Also if you order them now, we can make sure the magnalocks will match up and lock perfectly together and also the colors will match perfect too. That way if you ever want to use the table pads with no leaves, one leaf, two leaves etc.. you can.  Once you place your table pad order and click the "add to cart" -- a pop-up box will appear that prompts you to add leaves to your order.

Leaf Bags, Pad Storage Bags and Pool Table Support Kits - You can also save money on. We will not charge any extra shipping if you order them with your table pad order.


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