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Warranty Information

Terms of guarantee: All pads have a limited lifetime guarantee. Most problems or defects reported to us within the first six months of order date will not be questioned and we will not require the pad to be shipped back to us.

Any problem reported to us after the first six months of receipt, will require you to send the pad back to us at your expense. Proof of purchase will be required as well as payment for shipping the repaired or new pad back to you.

If workmanship is the cause, we will either correct the problem or remake the piece or pieces at our option and ship them back to you. If the problem is an obvious case of neglect, abuse, accident or error on your part, we will offer to remake the piece or pieces at a reduced cost.


Yellowing of solid white pads after 90 days: Reason: Solid white is extremely difficult to keep clean. Consequently, excessive cleaning nay eventually wear away the minimal pigmentation and allow the yellowish undercoating to show through.

Measurement discrepancy of 3/16" or less (length and width): Reason: Because all pads are custom made, we must be allowed a slight margin of error. 3/16" tolerance is considered acceptable in the industry. When the pad is centered on the table, it would be no more than 3/32" off, Short or long, either on width, length or both. Please note that this discrepancy can only be based on the measurements you provide us or on your pattern measurements.

Incorrect fit due to using one of our patterns on file instead of sending in your own: Reason: Although we have and use thousands of patterns that we stock for mail order purposes and for retail establishments, nothing is better than an exact pattern of your table itself. We find that about 5% of these pads do not fit properly. An example would be if the manufacturer would use the same number for two tables with identical measurements, but have slightly different shapes. We would have no way of knowing this. Also, no two patterns are ever made identically. Somebody had to make the pattern that we have on file. We do not have the luxury of testing the pattern's reliability before we use it.

Exact table pad thickness: Reason: We must be allowed a tolerance of 1/16" on all our 1/2" thick pads. We cannot control the exact thickness of the boards we are sent. When attempting to match up leaf thickness to existing pads, it is always best to make all new pads so that the thickness and color match up.

Direction of wood grain: Reason: The direction of the wood grain depends upon the width of the pad and sometimes the width of the roll of vinyl itself. There are oftentimes up to an inch variance on the width of the roll of vinyl (give or take). We simply roll it off the roll to fit width of the pad. If the pad is too wide, or the roll is too narrow, we turn the pad in the other direction, thereby changing the direction of the wood grain.

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