Table Pad Estimate

What size and shaped table pads do you need?  Use our estimate calculator to determine an approximate cost for before placing your custom order with Table Pads Direct. Totals automatically update with changes in quantity or size. No matter what size or shaped table you have, we can custom make your pads to fit your table perfectly.  Our pads are all a 1/2 inch thick, they feature a 550° heat protection*.  All of our custom pads come with our patented magna-locking system and include a 90-day limited warranty.

***See Shipping Information below the Estimate Calculator if shipping outside the lower 48 states***


Convert all your dimensions to decimal notation, using the table below. This will allow you to fill in the fields properly.

Example: 64 3/8 inches would equal 64.375 inches

1/16 = .062

1/8 = .125

3/16 = .187

1/4 = .250

5/16 = .312

3/8 = .375

7/16 = .437

1/2 = .500

9/16 = .562

5/8 = .625

11/16 = .687

3/4 = .750

13/16 = .812

7/8 = .875

15/16 = .937

Important: Make sure you do not include any table leaves with the table pad measurement. They are entered in the table leaf pads section of the form.

Free Shipping

There is no charge for standard shipping! We only ship to the lower 48 U.S. States. 

All of our pads are custom made to order. Right now we our table pad turn around time is about 4-7 weeks. (Varies on shape, size etc) That is our normal free shipping that is included with your pad order. We do offer a few rush ship options. Which we will expedite your order and bump it in front of our normal shipping orders.

Here are the different options to choose from and add to your table pad order to get the pads quicker.

(** Remember this is just production time, we will still ship everything via FedEx ground**)


  • Standard Shipping/Production of 4-7 Weeks – FREE
  • Rush Shipping/Production of 2-4 Weeks – $60.00
  • Ultra-Rush Shipping/Production of 1-2 Weeks or Less (We manually walk your pad order through the system.) – $400.00

*The 550° heat protection is for accidents only.  All of our custom table pads have a vinyl material on top that will melt if it gets too hot, so you can not put anything hot directly on the table pad surface. The 550° heat protection is for if you do have an accident (candle spills over etc)  The table pad will burn/get damaged, but the pads will protect your table from being harmed.  We have seen hot coffee cups, bowls and even pizza boxes pull the color out of the pads, which does not affect the protection, but just makes it more of an eye sore.  So make sure you use trivets, coasters, pot holders etc.

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