Table Extender Pads

Is your family getting bigger? Do you need to extend your table and make it bigger?  We have table extender pads that are the same as our regular table pads, but they are a little thicker and a lot more heavy duty. The MDF fiber core board in them is a lot more dense and the weight is about three times more than our regular pads. They are really strong to support the overhang.

The price for our table extender pads are 10 cents per square inch. The maximum size of overhang is about 18 wider or 18 inches longer or 18 inches bigger in diameter – That is a nine inch overhang on each side. Anything over a nine inch overhang and you would have to worry about someone leaning on the overhanging pad and possibly flipping up the center of the pads (spilling drinks, etc.) and/or possibly damaging the pads.

Just like our regular table pads, you get a choice of color for the top and for the bottom of your table extender pads. MagnaLoc animated logoEach extender pad contains our patented magna-lock system, an invisible magnet inside the pads where the end pieces butt together. The magnets help hold the table pad in place. The pads are about 5/8″ thick, are spill proof, and have a 550 degree heat protection rating. And, of course, all our pads come with a lifetime warranty.


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